• Here's what's included...
  • Video 1: Introduction and basic dodge & burn concepts
  • Video 2: Getting to know the dodge & burn tools
  • Video 3: "Non destructive" dodge & burn methods
  • Video 4: Dodging and burning with colour
  • Video 5: Dodging and burning with black and white
  • Video 6: How to create and use a "contrast vignette"
  • Video 7: End to end image editing walkthrough
  • Video 8: Image processing deconstruction walkthrough
  • Over 80 minutes of video tutorials in total...
  • PLUS: My non-destructive Dodge & Burn actions for Photoshop
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Hover over the image below to see the result of the image editing walkthrough from Video #7 which was processed using mostly simple dodge and burn techniques taught in videos #1 through #6

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow is the training material delivered?

    After you complete payment, you will receive an email containing a user name and password to log in to PostProcessingMastery.com

    The toolkit comes in the form of a downloadable zip file containing the videos and Photoshop actions, and it will be available as soon as you log in to the web site.

  • q-iconWill this help me if I’m a beginner photographer/photoshop user?

    Yes! The tutorials in this toolkit are easy to follow and are explained step by step. The results you’ll get when using these techniques far exceeds the difficulty in applying them!

  • q-iconWill this help me if I’m an advanced photoshop user?

    If you’re already an experienced photoshop user, then the techniques I’m showing in the videos should be pretty easy to pick up. However if you already use a lot of dodge and burn techniques in your workflow then this will probably be more of a “refresher”.

  • q-iconWhat version of Photoshop do I need to use your tutorials?

    I use Photoshop CC in the videos, but the techniques are transferrable to pretty much any “full” and reasonably recent version of Photoshop (i.e. CS2+). The same is true for Elements, but you might need to read between the lines a little because the tools, menus and options will look a bit different.

  • q-iconAre there any recurring fees?

    No, everything offered here on this page is available for the low one-time payment

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Secure 1-Time Payment of $27


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