Are you ready to master Luminosity Masking?

and finally give your photos that extra next-level boost to make them really get noticed!

Then buckle-up because you're about to learn everything it takes to manually blend these 5 RAW exposures into this finished image and how to use the same techniques on your own photos!

Are you currently:

  • Struggling to figure out how to seamlessly blend your multiple exposures?
  • Constantly disappointed with how your landscape photos turn out even after you’ve edited them?
  • Are your RAW files turning out flat and dull no matter what you try?
  • Or are you just wondering why everyone is talking about how great Luminosity Masking is and why you ought to use it?

And do you want to:

  • Make your photos look less pedestrian and get them to consistently stand out
  • Give all your landscapes that “Wow factor” everyone is trying to achieve
  • Forget relying on “auto-tone” and other automatic pot-luck techniques and plugins
  • Fully bring out the potential of your landscape photos

Introducing the...

Luminosity Masking Mastery Video Course

Including over 3 hours of in-depth video training, which covers:

The Luminosity Masking Mastery video course is delivered over three modules which teach you these advanced Photoshop techniques from the ground up so that you can get a deep understanding of how and why to use them (in modules 1 and 2).

Then in module 3 you get a full real-world walkthrough demonstration so that you can see how to apply everything you've learned.

  • Module 1: The fundamental techniques
  • How to create your FIRST luminosity mask
  • How to use luminosity masks to seamlessly blend multiple exposures
  • How to use advanced luminosity selections to isolate objects
  • How to create mid-tone masks which give you the ultimate control over contrast adjustments
  • Module 2: Advanced luminosity techniques
  • Introduction to "luminosity painting" (and why it's so awesome!)
  • The many uses of luminosity painting which will help you create that WOW factor in your landscape images
  • Be 100% accurate when hand-blending multiple exposures and NEVER brush "over the lines" again (translation = no more halos!)
  • Hand-paint colour and contrast adjustments into to individual tonal ranges so that you can increase the contrast in the highlights, remove a blue cast from the shadows and so on (the applications of this technique are limitless)
  • Module 3: Putting it all together
  • An end-to-end 1 Hour video walkthrough where we hand-blend 5 bracketed exposures and develop the image using the techniques in modules 1 & 2 into the finished result that you see above
  • Full step by step workflow and instructions that you can use to transform your own landscape photos
  • Exercise Files
  • Download all original RAW files used throughout the videos so you can follow along exactly with the demonstrations in real time

Plus for a limited time get this special FREE bonus (worth $27)...

Post Processing Mastery Essentials

Including an additional 3+ hours of photoshop tips, tricks and how-to's:

The Essentials 2.0 package is designed to give you a solid foundation in processing your landscapes in Photoshop. From end-to-end walkthroughs, to individual tips and tricks that will help you overcome numerous editing challenges with ease. And you get it all free when you purchase the Luminosity Masking Mastery course on this page today.

  • Here's what's in the Essential videos
  • How to establish a solid Photoshop workflow
  • Composition tips for engaging landscapes
  • Next-level fine tuning tips and techniques
  • How to create landscapes with impact
  • Plus more how-to's, tips and tricks
  • Plus all these "5-Minute Quickvids":
  • How to use black & white to ADD colour
  • How to make water white
  • How to fix colour casts, fast
  • How to "fake" a pano
  • How to brighten the darkest shadows (technique 1)
  • How to brighten the darkest shadows (technique 2)
  • How to boost “blah” clouds
  • A unique way to desaturate
  • The 5 minute workflow (photo 1)
  • The 5 minute workflow (photo 2)
  • How to make water silky smooth
  • How to tame wild colours (at sunrise and sunset)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow is the training material delivered?

    After you complete payment, you will receive an email containing a user name and password to log in to

    The Essentials videos are a combination of streamed and downloadable videos and will be available as soon as you log in to the web site.

    Luminosity Masking Mastery videos are fully downloadable for you to keep on your computer and watch any time, with or without being connected to the internet after you download them.

  • q-iconWill this help me if I’m a beginner photographer/photoshop user?

    Yes! This package is ideal for anyone from beginner to advanced level Photoshop users. The Essentials membership is designed to give you the perfect preparation and grounding in the fundamental techniques that you’ll need to be able to get the best out of the Luminosity Masking course. It’s the perfect combination!

  • q-iconWill this help me if I’m an advanced photographer/photoshop user?

    Also Yes! If you’re already an experienced photographer and/or photoshop user, then you’ll be able to jump straight into the Luminosity Masking Mastery course and your images will start benefiting from the advanced techniques you’re learning.

    You’ll also get heaps of value from the extensive workflow tutorials in the Essentials membership as well as the many unique individual techniques shown across the 20+ videos available.

  • q-iconWhat version of Photoshop do I need to use your tutorials?

    To follow the luminosity techniques taught in the course you will need a full Photoshop version (not Elements). There are ways to achieve similar results in Elements, but these tutorials are designed to be used with the full Photoshop software (CS or above recommended).

  • q-iconAre there any recurring fees?

    No, everything offered here on this page is available for the low one-time payment

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